Our Headquarter is: Ristorante Via Della Pace, 48 East 7th Street  Telephone +1 212 253 5803

In honor of our founding fathers in Piazza della Liberta', 9 New York boys joined efforts with the sole intent to spread the love for Lazio and become ambassadors of a tradition started in 1900.
This website is the center of our digital universe where pictures, videos and memories are gathered. Here fans become active contributors to the dream, helping to export the SS Lazio values to our International friends and children.
Our ambition is to give a home to those who support S.S. Lazio, whether just passing by New York and the United States or permanently living here. In our vision the Lazio Club NYC "Giorgio Chinaglia" will inspire other Lazio Clubs to join our values, symbols and messages for fans all over the world. 
Our involvement in our social activities will be visible on our social network pages and on our crowdfunding section (coming soon), where we hope to help brothers and sisters achieve their dreams.
Become a member today and be part of the team.
It takes all of us to make S.S. Lazio greater every day.
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